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Attention Instructors: I’ve taught this format numerous times and seem to tweak something each time. If you choose to try it and find something better, either a dance or song, I would appreciate it greatly if you would let me know. Or if you have something similar and would like to share, please use the contact tab for your comments and suggestions. Thanks!

Attention New Dancers: Don't get discouraged, it WILL come together for you. It's a lot all at once but you won't regret it.

DANCE / CHOREOGRAPHER                                          

Suggested video number to view: D = Demo, T = Teach

  NOTE: Videos have a SLOW feature            

WINTER  Intro Dances


many dances are done at our periodic "big" dances


2/28/2024 Dances     Class 9

reviewed dances from last week

4 5 6 Waltz - Pip Hodge   T1

Star Ring Waltz - Toshiko Kawamoto   T2

2/21/2024 Dances     Class 8   BONUS dances

reviewed dances from last week

EZ Shuffle - Larry Bass     D1

That Honky Tonk Highway - Maggie Shipley   D1T1

K Step Boogie - Jo T & Michele Burton    T1          Contra

2/14/2024  Dances     Class 7

reviewed dances from last week

Won't You Dance With Me - Brenda Holcomb   D2T2

Little Rhumba - Donna Laurin   T6

Boardwalk Angel - S Blankenship & B Holcomb   D1

2/7/2024 Dances     Class 6

reviewed dances from last week

Born to be Great - Conrad Farnham   D1T1

Rockin' the Wagon Wheel - Jamie Marshall    D1T3

Broken Neon Hearts - Shirley Blankenship   D1T1

Ah Si! - Rita Masur   T4


Stand by Me - R Sarlemijn & R Verdonk   D1T1    CBA 2024 winner

1/31/2024 Dances     Class 5

reviewed dances from last week

EZ Rockin' - Larry Bass   D2

Spilled Whiskey - Micaela Erlandsson   D1T2

Arlesey Stomp - Alison & Peter Metelnick   T1

1/24/2024 Dances     Class 4

reviewed dances from last week

Rockin' Cha - Jo Thompson Szymanski   T1

Cotton Eyed Joe - C.W. Parker     T1         Circle

I Love A Rainy Night - Iris M Mooney     D4T2

Stroll Along Cha Cha - Rodeo Cowboys    sheet only 

1/17/2024  Dances     Class 3

reviewed dances from last week

Blowin' Smoke EZ - Kaye Crooks   D3

Cut A Rug - Jo Thompson     T1

Walk It Down to the Honkytonk - Step5678   D1T1

Gloria AB - Rosie Multari   D1T3

1/10/2024  Dances     Class 2

reviewed dances from last week

ABieber - Ross Brown     T1

Fun for All - Sue Ann Ehmann  T1 NOTE:sheet=scuff,teach=touch

Mamma Maria - Frank Trace     D1 incl T


1/3/2024  Dances     Class 1

Various combinations of: step, touch, step together

Swingin' Thing - Jo & Rita Thompson     T1     Circle

Cupid Shuffle - Bernard Bryson     D6T3

Website demo

Say GoodBye - Diane Capron   T1      done as 4 wall

The Electric Slide - Ric Silver     T2  

MUSIC / ARTIST                                          

The website below has over 140,000 dances            


steps taught in class             Music may be different


waltz basic,twinkles,points,1/4 & 1/2 turn, weave,drag, tag

also used Cut a Rug from Class 3 for CONTRA review

Somebody Loves You - Scooter Lee

I'd Fall in Love Tonight - Anne Murray


3 request repeats, toe/heel triple, Contra


Cowboy Up - Jill Johnson

Honky Tonk Highway - Luke Combs

Do You Believe in Magic - The Lovin' Spoonful

rumba basic fwd/back,coaster,side rock cross,progressive rumba


Dance With Me - Niko Moon

Like She's Not Yours - The Bellamy Brothers

Boardwalk Angel - Billy Joe Royal       

toe/heel jazz 1/4, vine 1/2, mambo, conga walks, bumps,

side points

Some Town - Kenny Chesney

Wagon Wheel - Darius Rucker        

Broken Neon Hearts - Ronnie Dunn

Levantandos Las Manos - El Simbolo


Stand by Me - Ivan Jack (remix)

jazz box, sway, cross points, jazz cross


I Don't Want This Night to End - Luke Bryan

She Just Wants to Dance - Johnny Reid

Too Many Broken Hearts - Jason Donovan


cha cha basic, cross rock, stomp, weave, Lindy


Neon Moon - Brooks & Dunn

Cotton Eyed Joe - The Rednex

I Love a Rainy Night - Eddie Rabbit

Like She's Not Yours     link to demo D3T2


step lock, scuff, brush, 1/4 and 1/2 pivots, holds


Blowin' Smoke - Teddy Swims

Old Time Rock n Roll - Bob Seger

Down to the Honkytonk - Jake Owen           

Party for Two - Shania


vine 1/4toe struts, angles, Charleston, K


September - Earth, Wind and Fire

Sweet Senorita - Chris James

Mamma Maria - Ricchi Poveri 

walk,kick,shimmy,together,heels,turns,basic,rocking chair,vine

Billie Jean - Michael Jackson

Super Love - Exile

Cupid Shuffle - Cupid


Goodbye - Who is Fancy

The Electric Boogie - Marcia Griffiths

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