Useful Links

Line dances and dancing info: the largest line dance website in the world that began posting dances in October 2007. It now has well over 100,000 dances with new ones posting every day– please bookmark and explore!!!!!


A Beginner’s Guide to Line Dancing:

The History of Line Dancing by Wikipedia:,1950s%E2%80%931970s%3A%20development%20of%20style,Columbus%2C%20Ohio%2C%20in%201957.


Line Dance and Floor Etiquette: note – you’re going to Australia – see, line dancing is worldwide:


Basic line dance step descriptions: note – none are complete, but you’ll find the basics in one of them:



All line dance step description on steroids: note – many are terms for partner line dancing:


Video step description demos by Gail Eaton:


Where to dance around the world:


Keyboard shortcuts for videos: note – for me, slow down and move forward are the most used: