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Our 1st dance at The Foley Civic Center - just shy of a 100 ticket sell out!

2024 Jan RBD
2024 Jan RBD flyer

January 2024 
By Request

No Playlist

Over 35 songs with
several floor splits

Left: Swingin' Thing

Right: The Bomp


2023 Oct RBD 2
2023 Oct 5-6-7-8 LINE DANCE!

Left to right:
Katrina, Cruella and her pup
loofa, pirate wench, fairy,
Blues Brothers (winner)

2023 Oct RBD 3
2022 RBD Dec.
2022 Dec 5-6-7-8 LINE DANCE!

Mr. Santa line dance

2022 Dec Mr. Santa
2022 Sept 5-6-7-8 LINE DANCE!
2022 Barn dance Sept.

The team supporters

2022 Barn tailgators Sept.
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