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Although I enjoy golfing, reading and several crafts, line dancing is my true passion now. I sincerely hope to pass that along to all my dancers, but especially the newer ones.

Dancing has always been part of my life but learning to line dance came only after I retired from a 35+ career in distribution. Happily married to Frank since 1977, we have two lovely daughters and five wonderful grown grandkids. Moving from Michigan in 2015, we chose Foley as our new home, after “snowbirding” in the area for quite a few years. We have never regretted it for a minute.


I have to thank two people that had major impacts on my line dancing. First, Sally Shock, in Jackson,

MI who taught me to line dance. Second, but by no means less important, is Carole Somers, formerly from Tuscaloosa, AL, but now in Trussville,  who taught me to teach when snowbirding in Gulf Shores. Both are lifelong friends now that I love dearly. Long lasting frienships are quite common because line dancers are the BEST!

I began teaching at The Big Rad Barn in August 2019, after teaching at several other local venues.

Jackie Clair

Jackie Teaching

My Thoughts

10 Important Things to Remember:


* Have fun

* Take small steps

* You don’t have to practice, but it will make a big difference

* No one cares if you screw up – it happens to us all, including me

* If you think about anything else, you WILL screw up

* Line dancing is called LINE dancing for a reason

* Everyone was at square one at some point in their life

* Never be afraid to ask, there’s a good chance someone else will be glad you did

* Dance like no one is watching (but within reason!)

* Sometimes right is referred to as the other left

Line Dancers at event
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