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Are you a dancer,  then this website is for YOU!


Here, you will find quick links to videos of most all the dances we do each week. These videos are demos and/or step by step teaches, sometimes even by the actual choreographer. 

Find the latest news and events such as the next Big Dance or an upcoming schedule change or a new group picture.

The Dance Library, is a master list of many dances we have done, coded by class and again providing links to demos and teaches.

Useful Links, on the Dance page dropdown, can take you to such things as step descriptions, dance floor etiquette, where to dance worldwide.

Line Dance

Join in on the fun with Soles in Sync!

Line dance


Line Dancing
Ladies line dancing


10 Important Things to Remember:


* Have fun

* Take small steps

* You don’t have to practice, but it will make a big difference

* No one cares if you screw up – it happens to us all, including me

* If you think about anything else, you WILL screw up

* Line dancing is called LINE dancing for a reason

* Everyone was at square one at some point in their life

* Never be afraid to ask, there’s a good chance someone else will be glad you did

* Dance like no one is watching (but within reason!)

* Sometimes right is referred to as the other left

Line Dancers


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